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The Drost Project was made possible entirely by the contribution of images and by outside financial support over the years of development and building of these image albums. We would like to recognize and thank those who have generously provided financial support over these years and partnered with us to provide the Drost Project Visual Guides to the world. Thank you for your vision.

Support the Project The Drost Project Visual Guides are provided free to users around the world and do not generate any income directly from our users. The Drost Project Visual Guides are made possible entirely by the contribution of images, professional expertise, and by generosity of outside financial supporters, including our Major Sponsors, who provide funding with their purchase of banner ad space. One way you can support The Drost Project is by supporting our Sponsors!

If you would like to directly partner or support The Project you can make a tax deductible donation by credit card or check. Just email me, Maarten Drost, at Support The Drost Project and I will contact you with information about making a donation as quickly as possible. I would greatly welcome your help with the expenses of software development, computer supplies, and processing costs, including part-time student wages.

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ABS Global
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Alabama Veterinary Medical Association
Montgomery AL

American Association of Bovine Practitioners
Auburn AL

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American College of Theriogenologists (ACT)
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Aurora Organic Dairy
Platteville CO

David E. Bartlett, DVM (CSU '40)
Madison WI

W. Andy Bennett, DVM (UF '00)
Lake Wales FL

Joan S. Bowen, DVM (CSU ’76)
Wellington CO

Kenneth R. Braun, DVM, MS (CU '65)
University of Florida, Gainesville FL

Ellen Bruno
Snyder Farm, Rio Rancho NM

William F. Carlsen, DVM (UF '81)
Los Angeles CA

K. Chahal, MD
Montverde FL

Jill D. Colloton, DVM (UILUC '88)
Bovine Services, LLC
Edgar WI

Roberto Ruiz Diaz, MS, DVM (FMVZ-UNAM '69)
Coreigidora, MÉXICO

Karen L. Dowds, DVM (UCD ’81)
Henderson NV

Catherine H. Drost, DVM (NCSU '95)
Amanda OH

Ethan T. Drost
St. Augustine FL

Georgia R. Drost
Amanda OH

Hamilton P. Drost
Amanda OH

Jacob D. Drost
St. Augustine FL

Kirk F. Drost
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Wm. Tod Drost, DVM (UF '91)
Amanda OH

Madeleine A. Drost
Amanda OH

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E.I. Medical Imaging
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John A. Farah
Jacksonville FL

Horace O. Fergusen, DVM (UF '83)
Gleneden Inc.
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Jennifer J. Fitchorn-Walker, DVM (UCD ’00)
Mabton WA

Florida Student Chapter of the Society for Theriogenology
Gainesville FL

B. & Natalie Fraser
University of Queensland AUSTRALIA

Timothy R. Gardner, DVM (AUB '90)
Green River Animal Hospital P.S.C.
Woodburn KY

Kirk N. Gelatt
Gainesville FL

Lisle W. George, DVM (COR ’71)
University of California
Davis CA

Mark E. Hardesty, DVM (OH ’88)
Maria Stein OH

Alfred D. Harper, DVM (UCD '81)
Integrated Dairy Service Inc
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James A. Himes, VMD (UP '50)
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Edward J. Howes, DVM (ISU '62)
Oregon IL

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Intervet / Schering-Plough Animal Health Inc.
US - Millsboro DE, INTERNATIONAL - Boxmeer, The Netherlands

Lana Kaiser, MD, DVM (MSU '95)
Kaiser Cattle Company
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Karan Kolster, DVM
Glen Allen VA

Julie K. Levy, DVM, PhD (UCD '89)
Gainesville FL

Michael D. Lunsford, DVM (OKL '97)
Springdale AR

Nicolette Drost Lunsford, DVM (UF '96)
Springdale AR

Brian McAdams, DVM (UF '80)
Mayo FL

Jessica McArt, DVM (COR ’07)
Ithaca NY

G. C. Meyer
Gainesville FL

Michael E. McNulty, DVM (UF '83)
DeSoto Veterinary Services
Arcadia FL

Marco Antonio Hidalgo Mendoza, MS, DVM (FMVZ-UNAM '60)

Dragan Momcilovic, DVM
Vienna VA

Anna Moo
Newberry FL

Dorothy Moore
Wilsonville OR

The O.L. Moore Foundation
William E. Moore
Lahaina HI

Paul L. Nicoletti, DVM, MS
University of Florida, Gainesville FL

James A. Palmer, DVM
DePere WI

Partnar Animal Health, Inc.
Greg Shewfelt
Port Huron MI

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Pfizer Animal Health
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Carol Postley
Fairmeadows Farms
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Elisabeth Reid, DVM (NCSU '89)
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Donald Sanders, DVM (OH '68)
VACA Resources
Urbana OH

Fred Schirmer, DVM
Gainesville FL

Lynea Schott, DVM (UIOWA ’82)
Prairie du Sac WI

Peter Sheerin, DVM (UF '94)
Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital
Lexington KY

Mary C. Smith, DVM (COR '72)
Freeville NY

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Society for Theriogenology (SFT)
Montgomery AL

South Florida Beef - Forage Program
Palmetto FL

Milk Check-Off
Southeast Milk Inc.
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Keith Sterner, DVM (UMICH ’69)
Ionia MI

Summer Dairy Institute
College of Veterinary Medicine
Cornell University
Ithaca NY

James W. Temple (MSU '71)
Sunbury PA

Theriogenology Club
Iowa State University
Ames IA

John E. Thrasher III
Micanopy FL

UF Veterinary Gift Shop Volunteers
Gainesville FL

Upjohn Corporation (Pharmacia Animal Health)
Kalamazoo MI

Dirk Vanderwall, DVM (COR ’86)
Lewiston UT

West Coast Medical and Educational Foundation Inc.
Stanley S. Moles, MD
Largo FL

Elizabeth Wiley, DVM
Lisbon OH

Piboon Yutisri, DVM, PhD
Bangsue Bangkok THAILAND

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